Win Jobs 3X Faster With Estimate Calculators by EcoHome

Ecohome's customizable estimate calculators provide your leads with instant rough estimates for 40+ home services. Simply copy & paste our calculators onto your website to create your own pipeline of vetted, high-quality jobs.

  • 40+ calculators
  • Filters out bad clients
  • Embed on any website

"EcoHome makes winning jobs a breeze, providing a constant pipeline of vetted clients!"

Thad A.
Olive, NY

Do you waste time driving around chasing bad leads?

Here's how to stop that insanity:

Replace your "Request Free Estimate" website contact form with EcoHome's customizable estimate calculators. These calculators provide leads with an instant rough estimate that you can customize, filtering out bad leads, and collecting customer project details who want to move forward.

Bad - Don't do this

Free Estimate
  • Doesn't vet your leads
  • Doesn't collect project details
  • Wastes your time
  • Basic and ineffective
  • Low quality leads

Good - EcoHome's Estimate Calculator

EcoHome Estimate
  • Vet your leads
  • Collect important project details
  • Saves you time
  • Helpful & Professional
  • Highly effective lead generation

A calculator for any project

40+ different home service businesses to help you prequalify your leads.

Kitchen remodel Kitchen remodel Calculator Your Business Name

Kitchen remodel

Bathroom remodel Bathroom remodel Calculator Your Business Name

Bathroom remodel

New Home Construction New Home Construction Calculator Your Business Name

New Home Construction

Roof replacement Roof replacement Calculator Your Business Name

Roof replacement

Energy Efficient HVAC Energy Efficient HVAC Calculator Your Business Name

Energy Efficient HVAC

How Will Our Calculators Improve Your Business?

Here are three quick takeaways:


Win Jobs 3X Faster

Stop driving hours everyday to visit bad job leads. Our calculators ask homeowners the right questions to ensure they are serious about their project and ready to pay what you're worth. No more chasing dead-end leads!

Win Jobs 3X Faster

Save 50% Time Vetting Leads

Our best-in-class calculators screen clients so you and your staff focus on important work. No more responding to generic "free estimate" requests. Our calculators help you win more projects, without all the back-and-forth.

Save 50% Time Vetting Leads

Double Your Revenue

By improving lead-to-client conversion rates, our calculators help you win better projects and increase your revenue. Gain competitive edge in a crowded market with advanced tools that help you stand out from the competition.

Double Your Revenue


"I used to waste so much time chasing bad leads. With EcoHome, I can concentrate solely on the best jobs that bring in the most money."

Thad A.

Thad A.

Olive, NY

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