EcoHome Empowers Municipalities to Transition Homes to Energy Efficiency

Transform Your Community with EcoHome

EcoHome offers municipalities a powerful solution to guide families towards lower GHG emissions and energy efficiency. Our AI-powered platform provides each household with a personalized roadmap to enhance energy efficiency, maximize savings, and improve home value.

The Challenge

Climate-smart communities face the tough task of guiding homeowners who prioritize financial savings over their carbon footprint. EcoHome simplifies this process, making it easy for families to see the financial benefits of their decisions.

See How It Works

The Solution

  • Personalized Roadmaps: Tailored steps for each home to achieve maximum energy savings.
  • Incentive Access: Easy navigation of state and federal incentives.
  • Energy Bill Reduction: Average 30% savings on energy bills.
  • Local Business Connection: Connecting homeowners with local service providers to boost the local economy.
  • Impact Quantification: Measure the impact of energy improvements in your town.

Key Features

  • Free virtual energy audits for families.
  • Personalized recommendations to enhance home efficiency, comfort, and affordability.
  • Easy access to rebates and incentives.
  • Analytics to track usage and engagement.

Impact Your Community

Join us in making a substantial impact on your community's sustainability and economic growth. EcoHome’s platform not only helps homeowners but also supports local businesses by efficiently attracting jobs and fostering a green economy.