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Washington DC

Example Projects Made Possible By EcoHome

From complex gut renovations, to quick insulation jobs, EcoHome helps homeowners across the country make their dream home a reality. Here are some of our favorite projects.

Barn to Modern Home Conversion - Olivebridge, NY

before photo after photo
Before After

Pros Hired: Demo Architects (architecture), Black Olive Group (GC), SAP Exteriors (roof/siding)

Abby A.

"With EcoHome, I was able to understand how much house I could afford, where to trim my budget. I'm so thankful that this resource exists for homeowners like me.”

Abby A. - Homeowner
Alessandro R

"Building or renovating a home can be a complex process, and avoiding these common pitfalls by involving the right professionals and conducting thorough research can make a world of difference in the project's success."

Alessandro R. - Architect
Thad A.

"EcoHome has created a process that dramatically simplified my home renovation project. Just follow their process step-by-step. It saved us a lot of time and money."

Thad A. - Homeowner
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