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EcoHome helps homeowners gain the clarity and confidence they need to make the right decisions when purchasing a new home. As a realtor, you can get a white-labeled version of EcoHome's home renovation platform for your real estate agency.


"It's the platform I wish I had when I was buying my first home."

Thad Allender
Homeowner and co-founder of EcoHome

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EcoHome provides homeowners the clarity and confidence they need to make the right decisions.

Home buying can be overwhelming. EcoHome streamlines choices for homeowners. Whether estimating renovation expenses or locating local contractors, it brings clarity to the process. As a realtor, you can assist clients in navigating home renovations with EcoHome's white-labeled platform.

How It Works

1 Become a Partner

We will review your application and if approved, we will give you a custom link, so you can start using EcoHome for your business.

2 Share With Clients

Share EcoHome with your clients in emails and on your website to help them plan their projects, get inspired, and buy with confidence.

3 Close Deals Faster

Help your clients make informed decisions and close deals faster. Use our AI to provide 24/7 answers to common questions, saving you time and stress.

Powerful tools for homeowners

EcoHome helps homeowners gain clarity amidst the chaos of easy-to-use calculators and expert guidance

Our calculators help you estimate construction costs and set realistic expectations for your project budget.

Get Instant Estimates

Embark on your renovation with our experts. Tell us about your project and use our tools and resources to guide you through every step of the process.

Renovate with Confidence

Post your project to get your personalized shortlist of vetted contractors. Only connect with the pros you choose.

Hire Vetted Contractors

"Navigating the renovation process and finding contractors felt overwhelming, until I found EcoHome. They streamlined the process and made the journey stress-free. Gratitude beyond words."

Judith B.
Homeowner from Kingston, NY

Join us to empower homeowners, boost sales through confident renovations.

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