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We started EcoHome to help you feel more confident about starting a renovation and to help you understand how to do it in an environmentally friendly way. We only get paid when you reach out to vendors, who pay for the opportunity to bid on your project. You get to choose whether or not to hire them (and we'll help show you what to look for in a good team!)

Your privacy is incredibly important to us. We treat your information the way we would want our own treated. We may reach out for important information about your account, or send you news and information about keeping your home in tip-top shape if you sign up, but you can always opt out. If you choose to reach out to contractors, we'll share the bare minimum amount of information to solicit bids, but we will never sell your information to 3rd parties.

We've seen how much more smoothly projects go with a little bit of upfront education and some basic planning. It helps you understand how not to be taken advantage of and helps your build team be able to create your perfect space. If you don't get help from us, get help from somewhere!

Hi! I'm Thad Allender, a homeowner, software engineer and builder who used to be barely able to change a light bulb. I've been friends with Brad Johnsmeyer for years. What started with our own renovations and house builds became our jobs. We've witnessed numerous friends embarking on their home building and renovation journeys, sometimes blindly. To help make things go smoothly, we became their trusted confidants, offering guidance and support throughout the confusing and costly process. It’s clear that there's a significant disparity in knowledge between homeowners and contractors. We created Ecohome to bridge that gap.