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Carla Jimenez
Homeowner from White Plains, NY

How Does It Work?


Upload & Start Designing

Take photos of the home you want to renovate. Our platform will then generate new designs based on your style preferences. Pick your favorites and use it as reference for generating new design variants.


Plan Your Renovation

Save your favorite designs and start planning your renovation. Our project planner provides you with a rough estimate for your renovation project, allowing you to make informed tradeoffs, optimize resources, and make your home perfect without breaking the bank.


Hire Your Build Team

Assemble your dream team of skilled professionals with confidence. EcoHome connects you with trusted, experienced builders who share your vision. We make money by connecting building pros with the smartest homeowners in the world (you!).

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What else can you do at EcoHome?

Plan Renovations:
Plan your home renovation or new build with our easy to use project planner. Forecast your return on investment (ROI), property value increase and eco-footprint in seconds.
Estimate Costs:
Effortlessly master your finances with EcoHome's smart budgeting tools. Make informed tradeoffs, optimize resources, and build your dream home without breaking the bank.
Hire Pros:
Assemble your dream team of skilled professionals with confidence. EcoHome connects you with trusted, experienced builders who share your vision, ensuring a seamless and successful journey to your perfect home.
Manage Tasks:
Assign tasks to your team, set deadlines, attach files and keep organized. EcoHome acts as your central hub for your home renovation or new home build project.
Get Expert Guidance:
EcoHome help you navigate the critical stages of your homebuilding or renovation project. Our guide provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions and set the foundation for a successful project.

Powerful tools for homeowners

EcoHome helps homeowners gain clarity amidst the chaos of easy-to-use calculators and expert guidance

Our calculators help you estimate construction costs and set realistic expectations for your project budget.

Get Instant Estimates

Embark on your renovation with our experts. Tell us about your project and use our tools and resources to guide you through every step of the process.

Renovate with Confidence

Post your project to get your personalized shortlist of vetted contractors. Only connect with the pros you choose.

Hire Vetted Contractors
Abby A.

"With EcoHome, I was able to understand how much house I could afford, where to trim my budget. I'm so thankful that this resource exists for homeowners like me.”

Abby A. - Homeowner
Alessandro R

"Building or renovating a home can be a complex process, and avoiding these common pitfalls by involving the right professionals and conducting thorough research can make a world of difference in the project's success."

Alessandro R. - Architect
Thad A.

"EcoHome has created a process that dramatically simplified my home renovation project. Just follow their process step-by-step. It saved us a lot of time and money."

Thad A. - Homeowner

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Upload your photo, choose a style and refine your design. Reimagine any home exterior using AI.

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